Gemstones Tumbling

We welcome athletes of all abilities to enjoy tumbling classes to help prepare for the upcoming competitive season, or to achieve skills in tumbling for other areas of interest including: dancing, acting, general fitness. Our floor tumbling classes are taught by our specialized tumbling instructors! All classes include an intro warm-up and flexibility component, across the floor work, tumbling stations on certified equipment and end with a quick conditioning circuit.

Preschool and Tot Tumbling

 As soon as your little one is ready to walk they are ready for tumbling! Children will be encouraged to explore and discover basic movement patterns in a fun and safe environment. Discovery will be learned by teaching your little one how their bodies can relate to objects around them by exploring various circuits and going on, under, over, through and upside down growing them through the program with more emphasis on correct technique, strength, balance and self-confidence. Classes include a warm up activity, circuits on floor, bars and beam.

All registration takes place online.

Check our website for our open gym times for tot and youth/teens

Contact: Leslie Stevenson

Office phone: 306.384.0111

Cell phone: 306.241.8558