DTH Kitchenwares Ltd.

I want to bring high-qualityDTH Kitchenwares products to the people of Warman so they don’t have to go anywhere far to buy kitchen utensils anymore. Here, we sell dining room and even outdoor’s products. We also have some very unique decorations. Our products are mostly made in Vietnam. Therefore, you could never find some of our products anywhere else in Saskatchewan. We hope that you could visit our store and find something you might like, or your family would enjoy.

DTH Kitchenwares has so many amazing products. We are so happy to have you in Warman! 

Facebook Page: https://bit.ly/37rLiLb 

Website: dthkitchenwares.com

Email: trantaiphat2013@gmail.com

Be sure to check out DTK Kitchenwares at 6-1211 Boucher Ave.