Environmental Master Plan

The City of Warman has initiated the development of its Environmental Master Plan. The Plan will provide the City of Warman with a long-term strategy and set of actions to assist the City of Warman and the community of Warman to achieve its long-term, environmental goals.

The development of the City of Warman’s Environmental Master Plan was directed by the ‘Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship’ component of the City of Warman’s Strategic Plan 2015 to 2017. The Plan’s objective is to advocate and promote municipally and community-driven environmental and sustainability principles, outline Warman’s environmental priorities, directions, and environmental targets, and provide an action strategy to achieve these targets. Specifically, the Plan will provide municipal departments and community stakeholders with implementable actions to:

  • Protect and preserve the natural environment;
  • Manage greenhouse gas emissions;
  • Improve quality of life in Warman;
  • Reduce municipal and community energy consumption; and
  • Encourage the City of Warman and community to become stewards of the environment, etc.
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The Environmental Master Plan was developed in collaboration with the City of Warman and the community through multiple consultations and a number of community-based outreach events and activities.