Crystalbrook Community Group

This group was formed in the spring of 2010 by a group of Warman parents from the Crystal Springs area. What started as a fundraiser to get a swing set in the Crystal Springs area turned into a community group because of all the interest shown by residents when contacted about the fundraiser.

Crystalbrook Community Group has contributed funds to many things around the community such as the Brooklyn Crescent Playground, the Legends Centre child-minding room, the Warman Elementary School Community Council Playground committee, Warman High School and Warman Community Middle School as well as many others. The group welcomes any Warman residents to be in contact with an executive member for further information or to volunteer at upcoming events. Attendance at events and volunteering are appreciated! 

Contact: Lisa Tenetiuk

Phone: 306.260.2030



Facebook: Crystalbrook Community Group Facebook