Water & Sewer

To set up a water account please call City Hall at 306-933-2133

Water Supply

Warman is supplied with treated water from the City of Saskatoon through Saskatchewan Water Corporation and the city's water distribution system. Warman water rates reflect the cost of purchasing water and distributing to the community. 

2017 Water Rate Report

Drinking Water Quality and Compliance Notice 2021

Requesting Water Service

 The following items are required by the city prior to turning on the water:

  • Completed application for water and sewer utility services (link to application below)
  • Meter deposit amount:
    • 5/8" Meter - $210
    • 3/4" Meter - $290
    • 1" Meter - $640
    • 1 1/2" Meter - $890
    • 2" Meter - $1,040
    • 3" Meter - $3090
  • Meter deposits may be made in the following ways:
    • In person at the office at 107 Central Street West by using cash, cheque, or debit
    • Using the after-hours drop slot at 107 Central Street West by using a cheque
    • Using EFT Online Banking. When paying with online banking, the first five digits of your water account number will be required by your bank (all nine digits are required by TD Bank only). Please call the office at (306) 933-2133 and we will issue the account number to you.
  • Confirmation of identification
Note: Water service will not be in place if the above requirements are not met. Water service can only be turned on if someone is at the house. For new homes requiring a meter install, the above conditions must be met and a service connection and approved plumbing permit must be on file. As well, conditions of occupancy permit will apply.

Water & Sewer Rates

Utility Type  Monthly Rates Overage Rates 
Water $48.26 for 1-1,750 gallons minimum charge $27.58 per 1,000 gallons
Residential Sewer $10 minimum 20% of water 
Commercial Sewer   30% of water 
Recycling  $5.70 per month n/a

Conversion Rates

Units Conversion Rate
Metres to gallons Multiply by 219.975
Cubic feet to gallons Multiply by 6.23
Cubic to metres Multiply by 35.314


  • Water, sewer and recycling are billed on a monthly basis. A minimum charge is billed to all properties connected to City of Warman utilities.

***After Hour Emergency Number for water and sewer related issues only - 306-221-1291

Utility Policy

To view the City of Warman’s Utility Policy P17-2013 (2020) please click here.