Recreation, Culture & Parks Master Plan

A complete copy of the Recreation, Culture & Parks Master Plan can be found here.


The City of Warman is a great place to live in part due to the many recreation,
culture and parks facilities and services it has to offer both residents and
visitors. It is home to over 11,000 residents and is one of the fastest growing
cities in Canada – the city could quadruple in size over the next 20 years.

Realizing this, the City set out on a process to think about the future of these
valuable services. The City’s Recreation, Culture and Parks Master Plan sets
a course for the future, considering community input, research and other
influences and that is based on the financial realities and limitations of a
quickly growing City.

Over 600 households, 100 youth, 15 groups and 30 community stakeholders
provided insight related to existing and future recreation, culture and parks
services and facilities in the city.

The findings of the engagement and research were that residents value
recreation, culture and parks, the City provides facilities and spaces at similar
levels compared to other like municipalities, and that although the current
state of facilities and spaces is good, investment will be required to simply
sustain existing service levels.

There is also an appetite in the community for more facilities, including but
not limited to, indoor aquatics, indoor walking tracks, indoor fields, indoor
playgrounds, museum spaces, art galleries and public art.
Based on all of this and the City’s overarching intentions, the draft Master
Plan includes a foundation (outlining the reasons why recreation, culture and
parks are justified public investments and what the City wants to see out of
its investment), direction on how the City delivers services, and direction on
future programs and facilities / spaces.


The City’s vision for recreation, culture and parks is…

A variety of quality recreation, culture and park opportunities are
available for all residents to enjoy that contribute to Warman’s high
quality of life and strong sense of community.

Value statements to accompany this vision are that recreation, culture
and parks opportunities are:

  • • Diverse and meet a variety of interests and needs
  • • Affordable, welcoming, and accessible to all residents
  • • High quality and meet modern expectations