Warman Notify Now

Warman Notify Now is the CIty of Warman's emergency notification system. Residents of Warman are encouraged to sign up for this free service, which will notify you of an emergency if and when it affects the City of Warman. Warman Notify Now allows users to pick how they wish to be contacted to ensure that they are notified in a timely and appropriate manner. Warman Notify Now will never send out spam messages, and all of the user information is completely confidential. If you have any additional question please contact City Hall at 306-933-2133. 

------------->SIGN UP FOR WARMAN NOTIFY NOW <---------------

Some tips when signing up for Warman Notify Now: 

• Ensure that all of the information you are inputting is correct 

• Make sure to select which notifications you wish to receive - the City may utilize this service from time to time to send out public information reminders such as our Spring / Fall cleanup dates, our annual rate payers meeting or regular meetings of council. 

• Remember: all of the information you provide is private and will never be shared with any outside individual or agency. The intended use of information herein is solely to provide updates to you, the citizen of Warman.